Why have a mobile-based vehicle tracking

Do you know who loves your bike more than you? A Thief! You can use U-lock, chain lock, park-it in well-lit or crowded places; but these tricks can’t stop a determined burglar. And here comes the best way to fight back in case of thefts, the bike tracker. A bike tracker is a simple device that can be attached to your bike and connected to your smartphone. In case of theft, the bike tracking device will track the location real-time and send an SMS to your smartphone. The operation of these bike tracking devices is so simple that even people who are unaware of the nittygritty can also access and use it.

Mainly two types of bike tracking devices are available in India; one based on GPS and another one based on the mobile phone.

A cell ID based bike tracking device makes the tracking not only hassle-free but handy. This interface can be operated through an SMS or an alert call to your smartphone. The tracker device configures with the mobile will detect the unauthorized ignition and movements using GPS and GSM. Here I have lined up few reasons to buy a tracking device for the two-wheeler.

  1. Compact and handy two-wheeler tracking device doesn’t require much effort to configure with the smartphone

  2. Real-time tracking of the whereabouts of your bike which allows you to alert the policemen immediately.

  3. Showcase the entire route history

  4. The waterproof variants of the bike tracking device (Cell Id based) are reliable during monsoons

  5. Unauthorized engine ignition can be stopped by sending a text message or by enabling a PIN. Jamming the bike by cutting off the power supply to the engine is another option used in many bike tracking devices.

  6. Can locate the latitude and longitude by sending an SMS.

  7. Some bike-tracking systems even respond to the speed limits. It will automatically switch off the engine in case of unusual speed limits

  8. Smart dashboard options to check the key features

Waiting for the right time to buy a bike tracking device? Guys, the right time is now!

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