Purchasing a bike is a dream come true for many. Reports say, India is the largest two wheeler market in the world, with sales close to 17.7 million two wheelers in the last year, with 48,000 units sold every day. India has side lined China, who was, until last year, the largest market for two wheelers. With more number of bikes on road, comes the risk of theft. That is when our two wheeler tracking device comes in handy.

Bikes, dissimilar to cars, are small machines with a less powered battery. There usually isn’t a big space in-house for large security systems to occupy. Considering all these, we have come up with a perfect fitting, concealable, tiny devices that lets you track your bike and alerts you over theft as well.

What is it?

The Two wheeler anti theft tracking device is a GPS enabled, intelligent security systems for two wheelers which help in tracking the vehicles in the real time and protects them from theft.

How does it work?

The anti theft bike tracking device stays connected to your registered GPS enabled mobile, invariably, and sends live information to the mobile, which is stored as data to be made available when in demand.

The Bike security system is tuned to alert the users with an SMS in cases of theft. The SMS is sent to the registered mobile and with the help of the bike antitheft tracking device, the location of the vehicle can be spotted within a short while and the Police can be alerted with the location, helping you in getting your bike within the day.

In the meanwhile, you can alert the Bike security system with an SMS and the engine can be switched off immediately, making sure the bike is locked in the spotted location.

What all does it offer?

In addition to the aforementioned functions, the devices perform several other functions, namely,

  • Live Location tracking
  • Ignition Detection
  • Movement Detection (detecting speed and movement)
  • Excessive Acceleration alert
  • Sudden Braking alert
  • Web/App based tracking for every 5 minutes
  • Automatic switch on/off of engines in cases of emergency

Apart from these, certain extra roles performed by these include Mileage information, Display of total driving time, Road history and Route playback.

What are the uses?

Besides anti theft and tracking, these devices can be used in the Services industry in the likes of Sales men, Delivery men, Medical Representatives, Collection teams from Banks, Test Drive Bikes, Rental Bikes, etc to track their usage, whereabouts and performance statistics. By this, the authorities concerned, can make sure if the vehicles are used as recommended.

Why buy?

We all will, in one or other cases, fear while abandoning our two wheelers in unknown places or parking lots. Now, with the help of our bike antitheft tracking device, you can overcome the fear of your bikes getting stolen, take a deep breath and carry on with the chores.

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