Refund Policy

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the family of MapView Arihant systems Pvt. Ltd., where applications are born after an array of discussions and thoughtful ideations.

We appreciate that you would like to subscribe to our premium vehicle tracking application. We will try and act our best to ensure you stayed with us happily and satisfied once you have explored, evaluated and purchased our product. We, at MapView, are responsible for your business satisfaction once you are committing with us on a venture. However we have to follow some protocols, for more idea on this, please visit our T&C’s page. We firmly believe that you are thrilled and excited by buying our products/solutions.

All our products have been developed by giving high priorities to market needs. However, there are chances that, sometimes a product may not meet the exact needs that you were looking for. Though these chances are very rare, for such an unlikely event, we have created a refund policy for your convenience. This refund policy is suitable for you with Pro-rata usage so that it gives you the full value of what you paid for the first time. There are no hidden contracts for your subscription, which means if you are taking a subscription for one year, you are free to terminate the services after that specified period. Arihant systems Pvt. Ltd. will not force you to stay with us with a hidden legal agreement. But retentions programs are the key assets of any organization, so we will keep on trying to improve our solutions/facilities so that you might not want to leave us in the future. Please note that all other terms and conditions provided with the solution might be applicable depending on various scenarios which you will be made aware of. Hence this refund process will go through a verification/approval phase. Once the process is completed successfully, we would refund the amount in the same payment method as made by you. Usage subscription would be deducted as per the guidelines, which means the amount would be deducted from your payment for the period you have been using the subscription of an application/solution.