4 Crucial Fleet Tracking Features that Solve Field Service Challenges

Managing employees who work in the field while you are in the office can be a difficult task.

No one wants to be the manager that is constantly looking over the shoulder of their employees, policing their every move. At the same time, managers can?t turn their back on the people they are managing and not provide any direction.

This challenge is made much more difficult when you are managing employees that aren?t working near you. A common example of this is fleet managers.

To remedy that problem, here are four tips to using fleet management software to solve field service challenges that your business faces:


A manager can demonstrate his or her skills most visibly in the field through highly-informed dispatching decisions. By using real-time GPS tracking, fleet tracking provides insight to help maximize field service.

Fleet tracking helps managers to make sure their drivers are on the most direct routes available, so they can achieve the quickest arrival times. Additionally, depending on the solution, this feature can allow you to find alternate routes for vehicles that encounter traffic or other issues.

This also gives you the ability to better respond to customer emergencies. If a customer calls with an urgent request, you?ll be able to direct the vehicle closest to them so they can get there as quickly as possible.


Managers are only going to be able to make the right decisions if they have the right information. Fleet tracking software will provide your managers with automated email reports that they can configure to ensure that they are getting the information they need in a timely fashion.

Driver safety

In addition to when they arrive to a customer, fleet vehicles and drivers are most visible when they are en route. How your drivers behave when driving in the field can have a profound impact on the way your company is perceived.

To help ensure that your drivers are behaving in a responsible and safe manner, fleet tracking software allows you to track dangerous driving by individual drivers. This will let you continue to manage employees when they are in the field and beyond your supervision.

Cut costs

Just as there are ways to cut costs in the office, there are ways to cut costs in the field. Using fleet tracking software, you can make sure that your vehicles receive the proper maintenance necessary to be running as efficiently as possible, which will decrease fuel consumption.

Using the most direct routes to reach customers will also help to save fuel, as will reducing the amount of time vehicles spend idling.

Just because you can?t be in the field with each of your vehicles and drivers, that doesn?t mean you can?t monitor them to improve the performance of your business. Start using fleet tracking software or a field service management system to improve the service of your business in the field.

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